The Ultimate Fighter to Go Back to Taped Format Next Season

UFC President Dana White announced today that The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s critically acclaimed show that features up and coming fighters vying for a spot in the promotion, will be moved back to a taped format next season for their 16th installment of the series.

This past season on FX, the UFC brought a new format to the show. In it’s 15th season, the show decided to go live for the first time. This brought up a few issues, like both finalists having to cake their faces in makeup for pre-fight interviews, as they were already injured from previous fights. The main issue, though, were ratings. This was The Ultimate Fighter’s first season on FX after spending it’s first 14 seasons airing on Spike TV.

Factor’s hurting the UFC’s ratings were very plentiful. First, the show aired on Friday night which is known as the worst ratings night of the week in the television world. Spike also added confusion for many fans, as they would air previous season’s episodes of The Ultimate Fighter. White said that FX promised him if The Ultimate Fighter had another struggle for ratings, season 17 would be moved to Tuesday or Wednesday. White reported that amongst men 18-34 and 18-49, the show ranked second only to sports behemoth ESPN.

Dana, Dominick, and Urijah look over the prospective fighters in Ep. 1 of TUF Live