Joe Rogan Refutes Nick Diaz’s Suspension

In a recent one-on-one interview between Stephanie Daniels (@CrooklynMMA) and Joe Rogan, Rogan let loose on his opinions on Nick Diaz’s recent suspension regarding marijuana use.

Stephie Daniels: Do you feel that the punishment levied against Nick Diaz by the NSAC was unnecessarily severe?

Joe Rogan: Absolutely. They’re punishing him for daring to question them, and I believe his lawyers were intending to sue them at one point. I forget what the exact wording was. Not only that, he didn’t even test positive for marijuana, he tested positive for a non psycho-active marijuana metabolite, which let them deduce that he had smoked marijuana within X amount of days before his competition.

Saying that marijuana is something that you can’t take is really ridiculous when you’re talking about a guy that has a marijuana license. Marijuana and TRT have now been approved in California now, and they’re saying he could have requested an exemption, and that he didn’t, and that is the problem, that he didn’t do the proper paperwork.

You know, I think if that is the case, if that’s all it would have required, then maybe what you should do is give him a very small fine. Here’s my thoughts. If he showed up high as f*ck and fought baked, yeah, you should probably suspend the guy. I do think it’s a performance enhancing supplement. I do think it’s a PED. If you’re fighting high, I think it aids you. People say, ‘Why?’ Well, Nick Diaz is high all day long, son. He can manage that.

If you get Kelly Slater out on a surf board, he’s been there, done that. He can ride the waves. Well, Nick Diaz rides the weed waves. Some people can’t ride those waves. Some people would take the amount of weed that Nick Diaz smokes in a day, and they’d f**king hide under their couch. Nick Diaz smokes that weed and gets on a bike and does a triathalon. You know why? Because he rides that weed wave every day. That weed wave is his friend.

When he’s high as f*ck, I bet he performs outstanding. If you let Nick Diaz fight high, I bet nobody would beat him. How about that? He’d probably be in a f**king zone you couldn’t even deal with, man. He’d probably be doing weird sh*t like sitting in his corner in a lotus position in between rounds. He might fight you with his back turned to you [laughs]. He rides those weed waves every day. I don’t think that you should allow Nick Diaz to fight high. If you did, it would be fascinating, and I think it would prove that marijuana is a performance enhancing supplement.

I do jiu jitsu high all the time. It’s not something that I invented. It’s something that Brazilians invented. I can’t tell you how many high level BJJ black belts I know that smoke weed, and they tell you that it improves your flow. It makes you single minded. It makes you concentrate almost entirely on what you’re doing. It drowns out the rest of the world.

The thing is, Nick Diaz wasn’t high when he fought Carlos Condit. It was very clear that he wasn’t high. He had non psycho-active metabolites in his system, and just a trace amount of them. All that means is that he didn’t stop his intake of marijuana in time. What’s not fair about it, is that he’s not fighting impaired, and he’s not fighting enhanced. He’s fighting in a normal, sober state of mind. That was proven, so he hasn’t violated the rules. He wasn’t fighting under the influence of a performance enhancing supplement.

What they did was a vindictive thing. What they did was because they wanted to punish him. If you’re saying that he could have applied for an exemption, and because he didn’t, you’re going to make him sit out for a year, you’re an asshole, and you shouldn’t be in charge of deciding anything. That’s a sh*t decision. That’s an unfair, unjust decision by a bunch of people, who just for whatever f**king reason, were voted in, or elected in or appointed, have too much power. You’re not doing a good job with that power. I strongly disagree with that judgement. I found the whole thing to be gross.


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