Rashad Evans Considers Move to Middleweight

Rashad considers his status at the next lowest weight class

As Jon Jones continues to demolish the UFC’s light heavyweight division, we see the title hopes of many contenders fade. A natural result of this is seeing fighters with the ability to move weight divisions to do just that. In what was expected by many, Rashad Evans is considering a move to the UFC’s 185-lb. division and could see himself taking on the champ, Anderson Silva. Rashad shared his feelings with ProMMAnow.com

“I thought about (moving to middleweight), then I thought about how hard that weight cut is. I used to wrestle at 174 in college, I would cut so much weight on a continuous basis and I was like, ‘You know what? If I ever have to compete again, I’m not cutting weight like that’. Because what ends up happening is, the philosophy is, ‘Oh well you go down to a lower weight and you’ll be stronger’. Not necessarily.

Some people go down to a lower weight and they’re actually weaker, and I felt like when I was the best athlete I could be in college wrestling, is when I wrestled to my natural weight. So that’s what I try to do in fighting, I try to compete at my natural weight. I may go to 185 and not be the same fighter because I’m maybe cutting too much weight.

Anderson (Silva) is somebody I would love to fight because when it’s all said and done, whether you win or lose, to compete against the best in the sport is really what it’s all about. You know, if I can walk away from my career and say I competed against some of the best in the sport in my time and era, then I can wrap up and say I had a really great career. So if the opportunity comes, and that fight happens, yeah I would drop to 185 to fight.”

We will see if Rashad’s next fight is at 205 or 185 pounds.

Image courtesy TheMMAcorner.com