Fedor Leaves M-1

M-1’s long time icon Fedor Emelianenko has disbanded from the promotion

In what came as suprising news, Fedor Emelianenko has disbanded from long-time partner and sponsor M-1. Many, including UFC President Dana White, blame M-1 management for preventing Emelianenko from coming to MMA’s premiere league, the UFC. The reported hang-up was the UFC’s refusal to engage in co-promotion of any sort. This comes as a big suprise for two reasons.

1) Emelianenko and M-1 have been hand-in-hand for years. Seeing two entities so closely linked suddenly break apart is always shocking.

2) Fedor “retired” after his last fight. Why would he still be disassociating and moving around the MMA landscape?

We’ll see if Fedor has any more fights now that he is free from M-1 Management. It’s too bad this move didn’t happen earlier. Fedor vs. Lesnar would have been spectacularly profitable for all parties a year or two ago.