Anderson Silva Wants Luke Rockhold Next

The UFC and Strikeforce Middleweight Champions may be facing each other in the near future

UFC Tonight recently broke down some recent comments from Anderson Silva’s camp, who voiced their opinion on Silva’s next opponent. They don’t seem to think Lombard or Weidman deserve a title shot yet, and that Rockhold is a good option although it may be tough to make that fight contractually.

“One of Anderson Silva’s managers said that one of the issues with Hector Lombard is he thinks he needs at least three more impressive wins in the UFC. He said that 85 percent of UFC fans don’t even know who Hector Lombard is, who is of course making his Octagon debut on Saturday night.”

“As for Chris Weidman, he said, ‘Well, there’s another great unknown fighter.’ He doesn’t see those match ups as being money making pay-per-view events.”

“He did mention Luke Rockhold, who is the Strikeforce middleweight champion. Alas, Rockhold is contractually tied to Strikeforce, so that fight’s not happening. We’ll have to wait and see, but right now, the Anderson Silva camp not too excited about the options out there.”


Images courtesy Zuffa LLC