Henderson: Jon Jones Still Green, Sloppy

Henderson had some criticism for the Light Heavyweight champion

Up until recently, Dan Henderson had only positive things to say about the current 205-lb. champion Jon Jones, praising his dominating technique. Henderson had some critique for Jones though in a recent interview with ESPN.

“He’s young and sloppy a little bit,” Henderson said. “He still has a lot to learn, technically.”

“My focus is to win every round, not to land the ‘H-bomb,’” Henderson said. “I’ll make sure I win every round and if I hit him good along the way, hopefully it knocks him out.

“A lot of people who think [Jones is unbeatable] have never fought before. They see what he’s done from the outside. He’s done well with his style but I feel like he’s never fought anybody like me. [My style] really goes well against someone like him.”

Jones responded on Twitter (@JonnyBones) when fans asked him about the comments:

“No clue why Dan Henderson decided to be so disrespectful to me leading up to this fight, but it is what it is. I could use the motivation”

“The dudes done so much for the sport, I’m not even trying to come at him like that. I did enough trash talking with Page&Evans”

“FYI Henderson’s mouth isn’t bothering me at all, I just figured with all his experience he’d be over stuff like that”

The two will meet at UFC 151 on September 1, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Image courtesy StudioMMA.com