Dana White: The UFC 149 Main Card Sucked, I’m Embarrassed

“You can count on one hand how many of our shows have sucked, and tonight is one more finger on the hand.”

Dana White, as usual, was very candid in the UFC 149 post fight press conference, voicing disapproval the evening’s pay-per-view card. Many fans at the arena and online voiced their opinion through boos and tweets, respectively, and Dana White heard them. Criticizing both referees and fighters, the UFC President tore into the card

“I said this the other day and it’s true: We make money,” White said. “This company makes money, and I like breaking records. We broke the gate record tonight and I’m embarrassed by it. I was excited when I heard and now I’m embarrassed.”

“The undercard delivered — they were awesome — and the main card did not. I don’t think the Faber-Barao fight deserved the boos that it got. You’re talking two of the best guys in the world in a five-round title fight. It was very technical. Everyone knows how good Urijah Faber is and Barao dominated him tonight.”

“Cheick Kongo and Jordan pushed against the fence for three rounds and I think that the ref let them do it. TThis isn’t the ultimate clinching championship. It’s the ‘Fighting Championship.’ And when you see two guys just clinching for three rounds, and then in the third round, they clinch for the entire five minutes, and this idiot is standing around looking at them. As a referee, your job is to enforce the rules and make sure that these guys fight. And if they’re not fighting, you break them up and you make them fight. And we’re talking about guys that are experienced. Experienced guys who have done enough fights by now. Yves Lavigne was horrendous tonight.

“If the officiating in this sport doesn’t change, and I’m not just talking about this sport, I’m talking about combat sports in general, they’re going to kill it.”

“I’m bummed out about it, I don’t know what else to say. I’m pretty honest about it. I’m not out here saying that’s the greatest show you’ve ever seen. It wasn’t. When you buy tickets, we come into a market like this, we break the record and do the kind of gate we did because people believe in us. People believe in the UFC, and that when we come to town, we’re going to bring you the best fights possible. And then our guys go out and they deliver. Like I said, this is a partnership between us and the fighters. We do our part and they always do theirs. Unfortunately, I was so excited to stick this one up everybody’s a– that said this card sucked, and we didn’t.”

“We’re at UFC 149 and you can count on one hand how many of our shows have sucked, and tonight is one more finger on the hand.”

Photo courtesy Canada.com