Mir to Strikeforce: Will Face Cormier

Strikeforce heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier (left) will face Frank Mir next

We’ve seen many fighters make the trip from Strikeforce to the UFC, but not many have made the move directly from the UFC to Strikeforce. We saw one of those rare moves today as Frank Mir was sent to Strikeforce to take on their new heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier

“There has been a lot of speculation as to who Cormier would fight next, and this is the fight that makes the most sense,” UFC president Dana White said. “The reality is, Cormier is one of the best heavyweights in the world. He just won the grand prix and beat Josh Barnett. He needs to fight opponents of that caliber, and Frank Mir is that guy.”

Daniel Cormier had thought’s on the decision, both praising the UFC for making a fight with a recognizable name like Mir and his last opponent Josh Bartnett who Cormier says is better than Mir

“You’ve got to tip your hat off to the executives at Zuffa for doing something like that and to Frank Mir for doing it. I respect Frank greatly for stepping in and taking this fight. This fight can elevate my status in the sport a ton,” said Cormier.

“The reality is Frank Mir is a guy people from the UFC know, he’s been a champion, he’s always around the top of the sport. Frank Mir is going to introduce me to the UFC fans a little bit more than I would fighting a different guy,” said Cormier.

“There’s no motivation like fighting a champion. I respect Frank, the fight’s very similar to Josh Barnett. I think Josh Barnett is better,” Cormier revealed. “No disrespect to Frank, but I think Josh is better and I’m going to train as if I’m fighting Josh Barnett again, and let’s see how this fight plays out.”

The two will meet on September 29 and co-main the event headlined by Melendez vs. Healy at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California. The card will air on Showtime.


Photo courtesy BloodandSweat.ru