St. Pierre Still Focused on Diaz

GSP still wants his shot at Nick Diaz

Time heals all wounds, but the feud between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz doesn’t look close to resolution any time soon. Firas Zihabi, the head coach at Tristar Gym in Montreal, told MMA Fight Corner that St. Pierre still wants the fight against Nick Diaz.

“Everywhere we go the fans are asking me for Nick Diaz. They’re always asking me when Georges is going to fight Nick Diaz. And when I tell them, he’s retired they have this crazy look on their face, like that’s crazy they still have to fight. I think Georges wants that fight. I think Diaz deserves a lot of money for that fight. I think they should pay him significantly, I think it’d be a big fight. I think everybody would be watching. Nobody would miss that fight. And I think for Diaz, he’s not happy. From what I hear, Nick Diaz is not happy with all the judging in the sport, and I can understand all that, but hopefully he changes his mind. He’s a great fighter and definitely a lot of people want to see that fight.”

First though, St. Pierre must defeat interim champion Carlos Condit, the last man to beat Nick Diaz in what was a controversial decision. We remain to see if the St. Pierre/Diaz dream card will come to fruition in the near future.


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