Anderson Silva Considering Move to Welterweight

The greatest of all time may be considering a move down to 170-lbs.

Anderson Silva is widely thought of as the greatest fighter of all time. The 10-time defending middleweight champion has defeated all challenges sent his way with a perfect mark of 15-0 in the UFC, and now may be considering an unprecedented move down in weight.

In a recent interview with Dave Meltzer, he revealed that the UFC may have plans for early 2013 to move Anderson Silva down to 170-lbs. To move a fighter down in weight requires approval by the fighter and his camp, so the move may have already gotten an “OK” from the Silva camp.

This story comes amongst rumors that if Georges St-Pierre defeats Carlos Condit, then a superfight with St-Pierre and Silva may be in the mix. We will see how this plays out in the upcoming months.