Big Country: Dana Wants to be a Fighter

Roy Nelson has never seen eye-to-eye with the UFC higher-ups

Considering the UFC just gave Roy Nelson a coaching spot on The Ultimate Fighter, you would think “Big Country” would have nothing but positive things to say to the higher ups at the UFC. That’s apparently not the case, as Nelson continues to speak his mind when it comes to UFC brass.

After UFC Preisdent Dana White hinted that Nelson may be more troublesome than helpful on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, where Nelson coaches opposite Shane Carwin, Roy Nelson had lots of venom to spew toward White.

“It’s probably because he wants to be a fighter, and he’s not, I think we were talking about coaching or something like that, and [White’s] not a coach. There’s an understanding of being a fighter, and I don’t think he understands.”

“I’m always at the back of the bus when it comes to the UFC. I’m just trying to further MMA to the next level, hold journalism up to higher standards, holding fights to higher standards, holding promotions to higher standards, holding athletic commissions to higher standards, and even holding the fans to higher standards.”

Image courtesy Yahoo! Sports