Chael Sonnen Mocks Jon Jones’ DUI

Jon Jones doesn’t seem to take kindly to Sonnen’s trash talking persona

Look who’s at it again… Chael “Perfection” Sonnen, just over a month removed from his bitter quarrel with Anderson Silva, has picked a new champion to mock. This time it’s light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

After Chael said he would clean up whatever was left behind by Dan Henderson, Jones was quick to answer:

@sonnench the things you say about me hold absolutely no weight, you disrespected Anderson and his country but fought like a child.

@sonnench If you’re going to disrespect me out of nowhere, at least disrespect me to my face like a man.

@sonnench and you call me a punk, I’m more man than you’ll ever be. #Coward #Cheater

Sonnen then had his own two cents to put in:

Boarding plane to Oregon now, home of your corporate wage masters. Next time you are in town, knock on my door. Don’t drive. @johnnybones

Advice to @jonnybones. Take some of that Nike money, hire new writers.

Jon Jones took insult to the DUI joke, and replied immediately:

@sonnench lol you’re an idiot if you think I haven’t heard every dui joke in the book. I applaud original ones, that’s powerless

@sonnench lol dude, you’re not worth my time.. Earn a title shot instead of trying to talk your way into one and I’ll be glad to hurt you

Sonnen was the last to put his opinion in responding:

@jonnybones Oh I plan too. Btw, how long did it take your parents to come up with your name, JON JONES.. #creative

Love him or hate him, Sonnen knows how to sell fights. We’ll see in the near future if Sonnen can put himself into title contention at 205-lbs. to get a shot at the current champ.

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