Trash Talk Heats Up Between Bones & Hendo

Henderson (right) is 17 years older than the 25 year old champion Jones (left)

Jon Jones is perhaps the greatest young MMA fighter in the game, and Dan Henderson is arguably the most lethal older fighter. Both have their own styles, and both now are calling their opponents out because of their age.

Responding to arguments made that Dan Henderson has the edge because of experience, Jones inadvertantly poked at the older age (42) compared to his own (25)

“No,” he said. “I feel as if he’s an older, slower version of Rashad Evans.” “It feels funny fighting a guy his age. To know that he has some advantages helps me train harder and not to think anything about having mercy on him.”

We will see who will prevail at UFC 151 on September 1. In the mean time, check out this extended preview of UFC 151.