Public Enemy #1: A Blow by Blow of UFC 151

Jon Jones faces the ire of the MMA world after turning down a fight against Chael Sonnen

We’ve never seen anything like the events that unfolded for the now-cancelled UFC 151, the first main card in the UFC’s near 20-year history to be completely cancelled. After #1 title contender Dan Henderson pulled out of UFC 151 to injury, Jones was given the option to fight Chael Sonnen on eight days notice. His decision to turn down the fight made the UFC cancel the card, and drew the ire of MMA fans and fighters around the world.

Thanks to, here is a blow by blow account of what happened in the last week to cause UFC 151 to be scrapped.

Twitter Rumor: Henderson may be out of Jones fight at UFC 151

Henderson releases statement; will continue to pursue belt

Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen in place of Henderson

Jones to now face Lyoto Machida, September 22nd in Toronto

UFC 151 cancelled; complete media call audio and recap

Sonnen offered to fight Jones for free

Dana White: Greg Jackson is a f—in sport killer

Greg Jackson: I’m not trying to ruin the sport

Weidman also volunteered to fight Jones on 8 days notice

Dana White: Jones’ refusal is ‘disgusting and selfish’

Greg Jackson: Jones would have fought Sonnen on Sept. 22nd

Sonnen defends Jackson, declares self champion

Jones in 2010: I’ll never turn down a fight

ZUFFA to offer 151 fighters spot on next card or show money?

Is Jon Jones the most hated man in MMA?

Jon Jones to now fight Vitor Belfort with Machida turning down the bout

Anderson Silva offered to save UFC 151 and fight

MMA world blasts Jones for refusal to fight

‘Shogun’ Rua also turned down offer to fight Jones

UFC 151: Never happened, never forgotten

Hendo’s knee injured 3 weeks ago, will get another title shot

Jones opens a huge 13 to 1 favorite over Belfort

Sonnen rips into Jones on UFC Tonight

Did Chael start taunting Jones knowing Henderson was injured?

Jones’ publicist quit last week in frustration

Machida issues statement, asked for Jones in Brazil

Belfort joins ‘Blackzilians’ in advance of UFC 152

Jones apologetic, but stands behind decision

For Belcher with a fractured spine, & Belfort, 151 collapse ‘a blessing’

Sonnen: Vitor Belfort is a stud when he believes in himself

Jones accepts full responsibility for UFC 151 cancellation, sort of

Jones’ camp: Sonnen knew, planned Pearl Harbor

Vitor Belfort chooses Rashad Evans as head coach vs. Jon Jones

Henderson denies informing Sonnen of injury

Vitor Belfort explains his decision to take fight with Jon Jones

Jones implies Hendo to blame for cancellation, unfollows White

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