Sonnen: Stay Tuned

Chael Sonnen hints there is more to come with the flurry of UFC 151 drama

There has been a flurry of stories surrounding UFC 151 and the Jon Jones fight refusal, and Chael Sonnen has been at the middle of it all. Announcing himself the new champion, getting behind the new opponent in Vitor Belfort, and even going as far to making a “Jon Jones Special” at the pizza restuarant he owns featuring chicken & cheese.

We may not have seen the end of the storm, though, and Sonnen has recently hinted that there is more to come.

“We’re used to being attacked by competition. We welcome it. We’re used to being attacked by the states because it’s an opportunity to go in and educate them. But what we’re not used to is being attacked from within. We’re not used to having one of our own set off a grenade and walk away laughing and never look back. It was really kind of an unbelievable experience from where I stand. We’ll see,” Sonnen said. “There’s going to be some news coming out on me soon. We’ll see how things play out. Stay tuned.”

More on the story as it develops…


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