Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar Announced for UFC 153

Stephan Bonnar will take on Anderson Silva at UFC 153

Look who has stepped in for the injury riddled UFC 153 card: the greatest fighter of all-time, Anderson Silva.

It was announced tonight that Anderson Silva will fight a weight class above his championship weight for the third time, and take on UFC veteran Stephan Bonnar at light heavyweight at UFC 153 in Rio de Janiero at the HSBC Arena in a three round fight.

Most thought Anderson Silva was waiting to take a break and take on welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre next year, but that has changed with Silva taking a booking against Stephan Bonnar in Brazil.

UFC President Dana White, like usual, weighed in on the issue:

“We’re back on track,” UFC President Dana White told “Anderson Silva wasn’t scheduled to fight at all. I called him today, and he’s shooting a commercial in Brazil. Anderson Silva steps up, and Stephan Bonnar wants to fight him. The Teixeira vs. Maldonado fight comes together, and then Nogueira was standing right there with Anderson shooting the commercial with him, and he said he wanted to fight, too.

“This is old-school UFC. A card is in jeopardy, but guys that are world champions and superstars stepped up and jumped in and saved the card. This is why the fans love this sport and why we went on a 12-year run without canceling an event.”


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