Bisping OK With Possible Weidman Match

Michael Bisping is ready to take on any challengers the UFC puts in front of him

Michael Bisping has been calling out Anderson Silva for months now, saying he believes that he is the most deserving of a fight against the current 185-lb. champion. It seems though as if the outspoken Brit has changed his tone recently, now announcing that he is fine with fighting current #1 contender Chris Weidman who will face Tim Boetch at the end of the year at UFC 155. Bisping talked about his future with Ron Kruck on AXS TV:

“There was talk of it. Before the fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre was spoken of, Joe Silva said that if I put on a striking clinic and did a good job against Brian Stann, that a title fight with Anderson Silva was something they could sell. Whether it’s my turn next or my turn in two years, I’m gonna keep training.”

“I was doing this when Chris Weidman was probably getting bullied out of his lunch money in school. He’s undefeated, but he’s only had nine fights. Listen, the guy’s an incredible talent, and he’s a great prospect, but he’s still young in his career. Weidman’s got the youth and potential and all the tools to have a great career.

I’ve got nothing against Chris Weidman. It certainly seems that I do, because of I’ve been talking a lot of trash about him. I’m just trying to sell myself. I’m trying to provide for myself, and Chris Weidman’s a competitor against me. I wish him all the best. But, I think I deserve it, and my time’s now. If I’ve gotta fight Chris Weidman in the meantime? So be it.”

Current champion Anderson Silva is scheduled to fight Stephan Bonnar at light heavyweight at UFC 153 on October 13th of this year. It has not been announced if Silva’s departure from the middleweight ranks will be a temporary or permanent one.


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