Chael Sonnen Cast in ‘Always Sunny’

‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ has been a huge success in it’s first seven seasons, and as it gears up for an eighth they decided it was due time to bring in a new cast. And why not cast the serially narcissistic Dennis Reynolds with one of the most bull-headed fighters in the UFC? That’s right: The Gangster From West Linn will be playing Dennis in the next season of ‘Always Sunny’!

Okay, maybe this is just a joke and we won’t really get a revamped cast for the eighth season.. but this promo for the upcoming eighth season makes a lot of fans of the sport wish that maybe Chael does replace Dennis, if just for an episode of two.

Always Sunny’s “new cast” of (left to right) Candace Cameron, Chael Sonnen, Xzibit, Haley Joel Osment, and Andrew Dice Clay

Images/video courtesy of FX