Aldo/Edgar Penned for UFC 156

Aldo (left, holding UFC featherweight title belt) and Edgar (right, holding UFC lightweight title belt) will square off on Super Bowl Saturday in Las Vegas

The much anticipated featherweight championship now has a scheduled time and place, and it will be Super Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas for UFC 156. The bout that was scheduled for UFC 153 but had to be rescheduled due to a injury to Jose Aldo’s foot will now go down on February 2nd at a venue to be announced in Vegas.

Aldo (21-1, 11-0 WEC/UFC) reigns at the top of the P4P list alongside Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Georges St-Pierre. The run he has strung together at 145-lbs. is truly magnificant and puts him as one of the greatest featherweights of all time. Dominant wins against top contenders like Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian, Chad Mendes, Mark Hominick, and Mike Brown make him one of the greatest light fighters in MMA history. Adding to the remarkable record he has, Aldo is still young in the sport at 26 years old. There is no ceiling to how legendary his career could become.

Edgar (14-3-1, 9-3-1 UFC) will be stepping down from the 155-lb. ranks for the first time and looks to dethrone Aldo very similarly to the way he dethroned BJ Penn. Two razor-thin consecutive losses to Benson Henderson mar his UFC run, though, and he’s looking to avoid losing three straight against the current featherweight champion. Although Edgar is moving down from lightweight, he will still be at a size disadvantage to Aldo giving up one inch of height and two inches of reach.

The fight will be one that will leave MMA fans salivating, and with both of them possessing top-level speed and technique it will be one that will certainly not disappoint.


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