Bonnar, Herman Fail UFC 153 Drug Tests

Bonnar looked more jacked that usual during the UFC 153 weigh-ins

Stephan Bonnar has been one of the “good guys” in the sport of mixed martial arts, along with a popular UFC announcer. That’s why it was such a shocker when news came forth that one of the UFC’s golden boys has tested positive for a banned substance, Drostanolone at UFC 153.

Although both men lost, and Bonnar has since retired after losing to Anderson Silva; both men are expected to face suspensions sometime next week. Neither are first time offenders, either. At UFC 62 Bonnar tested positive for a Boldenone metabolite resulting from usage of an anabolic steroid. Herman’s test came from a marijuana metabolite, similar to the one found when screened before a 2011 match with Mike Russow in Texas.

As Brazil lacks an athletic commission, UFC officials oversaw the proceedings at UFC 153 and will likely rule on the matter internally. Neither man is yet to be reached for comment.

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