Episode 19 Clip: Michael Schiavello Interview

This week on The MMA Podcast we welcomed Michael Schiavello, and he chatted with us for a good 45 minutes talking about his career in kickboxing & MMA, the future of K-1, and current topics in MMA like TRT and Sonnen/Jones. You won’t want to miss what he has to think about the Sonnen/Jones matchup and he does not mince words.

“[The Ultimate Fighter] has become very old. The formula has become very old. The contestants that have been going into the house have become the same old repartee of what they say, and what they do, and how they act. A lot of respect is gone from it in how they act. A lot of the martial arts is gone from it. They are just fighters that are coming in, not martial artists who are coming in … There’s just too much of it. It’s something the UFC has done quite often is they overload, they overkill on events, on shows.”

“Now you’ve got Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones and they’re eventually going to fight for the light heavyweight title? That’s ridiculous. Chael Sonnen, how did he do with that title shot? Oh, he’s going to deserve a title shot because he appears on a reality TV show? What does that say for the sport? It’s no longer about rankings, it’s about ratings. There’s guys like Dan Henderson, guys like Lyoto Machida, Glover Teixeira that should be next in line to get that light heavyweight shot but you have to go through a reality TV show now to get a crack at the UFC championship? In what other sport does this happen? What other sport?” 

“The UFC says they want to be the biggest sport in the world, they say they want to be bigger than soccer, they say they want to be as big as the NFL, they want to be bigger than boxing, so be it. But you’re hatching championship fights out of a reality TV show? I don’t know if boxing ever does that. I can’t remember when boxing’s done that. I can’t remember when football’s ever done that, tennis has ever done that. What other sport has done that where a championship fight is being decided by participance in a reality TV show? It’s ridiculous.”

“Chael Sonnen comes up a lot from middleweight, goes on a reality TV show, and then gets a crack at the light heavyweight world championship? How does that compute? The only way it computes is because it’s for the ratings. Because the ratings are doing so poorly at the moment. To me it cheapens the title a lot because a guy like Dan Henderson deserves that crack, a guy like Lyoto Machida deserves another crack at it, a guy like Teixeira in maybe another two fights deserves a crack at it. Not a dude that just lost, not just lost, got his ass handed to him – handed to him – at middleweight by Anderson Silva. Completely handed to him. And now his next fight’s going to be for the light heavyweight world championship in a division he hasn’t fought in to take on the champion because he’s on a reality show? Makes no sense. Only makes sense in the world of ratings. That’s it.”

Check out the 45 minute clip of our interview with Michael on YouTube now!