Firas Zahabi Hints at GSP Retirement

In a recent interview with TVA Sports, Georges St-Pierre’s head trainer Firas Zahabi had very interesting words regarding the future of the current UFC 170-lb. king.

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Zahabi also has commented about his GSP’s future as recent as a press conference in March 2013:

If he fights Hendricks, I think (GSP) could fight for longer. He could have more fights after that. If he fights Anderson Silva, I could really see that being his last fight. He’ll retire after that because there won’t be a bigger fight for him to do, I think, anymore in his career.

Georges has been mum on his retirement, although it is interesting to note that he has lashed out against Zuffa brass for the first time in his long career with the UFC. He expressed dissatisfaction at Dana White and the UFC not supporting him in his quest for third-party drug testing in the St-Pierre vs. Hendricks fight.

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