Chael Sonnen Reportedly Offered Job as Bellator President

Huge news being reported on recently with the big shakeup at Bellator. Scott Coker may not have been Viacom’s #1 option for next Bellator president. In fact, it could have been Chael Sonnen had the American Gangster not been so loyal to Zuffa and the UFC. Here’s the bombshell that Front Row Brian dropped on Twitter last night..

Although Chael didn’t directly confirm Brian’s news, his reply was very telling

While most criticize Front Row Brian for being a troll, those in the know are aware of how connected he is and how on the nose most of his reports are. A very interesting and very predatory move by Viacom to bring in the UFC’s poster boy as their new president, but as Brian alluded to, Chael should know what is waiting for him with the UFC. As was rumored earlier last week, UFC President could very well be a job in Sonnen’s future.


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