Wanderlei Silva Appears In Front of NSAC

In May, we learned of news that Wanderlei Silva literally ran away when he was issued a random drug test at his gym in Las Vegas. As a result, Vitor Belfort was slotted into the fight that just wasn’t meant to be, as Chael Sonnen later would fail a drug test and retire from the sport.

Today, Wanderlei went in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to discuss the recent issues surrounding his drug test issues. His lawyer told the Commission that Wanderlei had sustained a wrist injury while filming TUF Brazil 3 in February, and had started taking diuretics to help reduce inflammation and water retention. Silva did not speak during the hearing.

No verdict was made by the NSAC, but Wanderlei is expected to be handed down a year-long suspension. It has yet to be seen whether his UFC contract is in jeopardy.


Full video courtesy MMAweekly


Photo courtesy MMAweekly – Scott Petersen