UFC/Reebok Pay Tiers Released: Fighters Not Happy

Last December, a landmark deal was made between the UFC and Reebok. The specifics of the deal weren’t made clear at the time of signing, but we did know that it was an exclusive deal. Fighters would not be able to represent any other brands during fight week and inside the octagon. Many fighters were skeptical of this, stating they made a large portion of their income from these fight week sponsors. The UFC promised that pay would be fair, and fighters would not be disappointed in the deal. Today specifics of the Reebok deal were made public, and fighters are not very happy.

pay tiers

Fighters took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the newly-announced pay scale.

With all the outcry from fighters, former UFC fighter Nate Quarry seems to have a solution

Will a fighters union fix the problem? Is the UFC screwing their fighters? Call the show, tweet us @TheMMApodcast, or let us know in the comments section!


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