GLORY 21 Live Results

TMP Chief Correspondent Patrick Johnson will be LIVE at GLORY 21 live-tweeting the results from press row! Follow @TheMMApodcast to get up to the minute results from San Diego, including a middleweight championship fight between Artem Levin & Simon Marcus!



Omari Boyd def. Chris Carradus via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Manny Mancha def. Andre Walker via KO (knee and punches) @ R3 0:19

Maurice Greene def, Ashley Epps via KO (punches) @ R1 2:12

Giga Chikadze def. Ken Tran via KO (body kick and punches) @ R3 2:19

Mike Lemaire def. Casey Greene via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Kyle Stewart def. Devin Goodale via unanimous decision


Xavier Vigney vs. Maurice Jackson

Round 1: Xavier comes out and lands some big leg kicks on Jackson, and he is hurt almost instantly. Vigney is working with precision, and he rocks Jackson with punches! Jackson tries to turtle up, but Vigney lands a punch that puts Jackson down for good. Brilliant show for Xavier, he should be in great condition for his second fight tonight.

Result: Vigney def. Jackson via KO (punches) @ R1 1:32

Demoreo Dennis vs. Chi Lewis Parry

Round 1: Chi Lewis-Parry and Demoreo Dennis met in the center of the ring, but they didn’t stay there long. Parry beasts through Dennis, and drops him in the corner with a huge sequence of punches. Quick RD 1 KO for Chi, and our HW Qualification tournament is set!

Result: Parry def. Dennis via KO (punch) @ R1 1:40

Raymond Daniels vs. Justin Baesman

Round 1: They touch them up and Baesman pressures, but Daniels explodes with a one two and spinning wheel kick that connects to the jaw! Baesman somehow survives, but not for long. Daniels is all over him, and the finish follows quickly. The ref gives Baesman the eight count, and he gets up in time, but indicates that he cannot continue. What a show for Raymond Daniels!

Result: Daniels def. Baesman via KO (punches) @ R1 0:51

Xavier Vigney vs. Chi Lewis Parry

Round 1: Leg kick glances for Vigney. Lewis-Parry responds, and they are trading wildly! Both men are connecting, Xavier seems to be getting the best of it at the moment. Some dirty boxing in the clinch, and a big right hand from Xavier on the break! Big one two from Lewis-Parry after a restart from Big John McCarthy. One two misses from Xavier and Chi pops him in the mouth for his efforts! Stiff right from Parry, and Xavier misses big trying to return the favor. A good first round, I would have to side with Lewis-Perry on this one, but I had some fans blocking my view for a few. 10-9 Parry.

Round 2: Leg kick from Xavier to start the round, and Lewis-Parry throws some big shots! Some clinch work, and Xavier has him hurt on the dirty boxing exchanges! Big jab from Vigney, and another big punch lands! The crowd erupts with excitement. Parry is hurt big time!! It’s all over.

Result: Vigney def. Parry via KO (punches) @ R2 1:50

MW Championship: Artem Levin (c) vs. Simon Marcus

Round 1: Artem with a quick jab and a low kick, Marcus responded with some attacks that are largely deflected. Levin checks a Marcus low kick. Nice parrying from Marcus. Clinch is broken up, and Marcus hits a nice left hand to Levin’s face. Leg kicks are exchanged and Levin foes for the spinning back kick. Both men putting on a great technical display thus far. Some clinch work, Levin lands a good knee. Levin sneaks in a right in the midst of some clinch work, and the two are trading knees. Lots of dirty boxing and clinch work for round one. 10-9 Levin.

Round 2: The violence to start the round is tangible. Both fighters are swinging HARD, looking for the finish it would seem. Hook kick misses from Levin, and Marcus and Levin trade like honey badgers pawing at a bee hive.  Push kick from Levin followed by a couple right hands that land. Marcus swings and just barely misses Levin. Great work by both fighters. Standing knee from Levin and a good left jab land. Crazy round, these guys were swinging will conviction! I’d have to give Levin the edge again. 10-9 Levin.

Round 3: Levin chops with a leg kick. Some clinch work and head fighting. Marcus trying to pressure more, throwing some good kicks and punches. Ref deducts a point from Levin! I will have to go back and see what the issue was. Leg kicks from Marcus. He definitely seems to be more effective this round. Body kick from Marcus and Levin responds with a left. Lightning jab from Levin! Heavy left kick from Marcus, Levin tries to respond but he does so with significantly less emphasis. Round three goes to Marcus in my book. 10-8 Marcus.

Round 4: They stare down in the center of the ring. Marcus tries to pop off a jab, but Levin shows great reaction time. Looks like a slapping connection on a question mark kick from Levin, followed by a stepping side kick. A couple nice punches from Levin gets the crowd back in to it. HUGE front kick to the face of Levin by Marcus really riles up the crowd! Likely the best strike of the fight. Big left kick from Marcus, and a half hearted response from Levin. Now some show boating as the Champ stands with his hands down, employing the challenger to hit him. Nice right hand by Levin. Left hand by Levin, and then Marcus catches a kick by Levin and sweeps him to the mat. Another tough round, I say it’s even at two rounds per fighter. 10-9 Marcus.

Round 5: Left kick to the body by Marcus, and a left hook response from Levin. Marcus pressures Levin into there corner. Nice left hand by Levin after they are back in the center of the ring. Now Levin catches Marcus’ kick and goes for the sweep, but Marcus is saved by the ropes. A push kick to the face by Marcus seems to land, but not with full force. Marcus now trash talking Levin, both men standing in the center of the ring, hands down, begging each other to throw. Action resumes, and Levin keeps looking to the clock. Nice leg kick by Levin, and both fighters trade punches. A jab and a clinch by Levin, and a flurry of punches from the Champion ends the fight. A great display of the heights of technical striking. Such a tough fight to score, especially with the point deduction in the third round. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 47-47 draw. 10-9 Levin.

Result: Majority draw (48-46 Marcus, 47-47, 47-47)

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